Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tree Of Lovers-Portland

Live music? In Second Life? Yes. "Tree of Lovers-Portland" is a "multi-international effort combining the creative talents and efforts of a group of friends from Canada, France, Italy and the USA. Providing Second Life Residents with live performers from all over the planet." With eight custom-built stages, each hosts a different genre of music and an art gallery. I arrived in a breathtakingly designed area, with magnificent statues of what looked like angels. They were fitting, as the stage before me seemed like it was anchored in a heaven-like afterlife.

I walked across a glistening, white bridge and come upon a group of my fellow Second Lifer's dancing, hooting and hollering, or whatever hotting and hollering would be described as in text format. The singer was Naomi Morens, apparently a fairly well-known Second Life singer, though I had never heard of her. She sang covers of mostly top 20 pop songs and had a penchant for over-extending her vocal abilities.

Second Life has flourished with live music events such as the ones hosted in Tree of Lovers-Portland. A typical day in Second Life will feature dozens of performances covering a wide array of genres. The band Redzone, a British electronica group, have even toured in Second Life, being the first band to do so, and recently released their newest album in Second Life only. There are dozens of areas in Second Life where you can experience new genres of music live, one of the best parts being that you can interact with the artists after they're finished playing, something you normally can't do. Second Life delivers a unique live music experience, all from the comfort of your keyboard.

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