Thursday, May 10, 2012

Apollonian and Beauty

Have you ever wanted to experience ancient Greece? In Apollonian and Beauty you can. Apollonian and Beauty is an Ancient Greece role-playing sim where players can come and immerse themselves in the pleasures and history of Ancient Greece.

Second Lifers can participate in tournaments with their avatars, battling other Second Lifers in the hopes of winning fame and glory. Second Lifers can also participate in raids with their fellow Greeks, helping to expand the Apollonian empire and bring glory back to the homeland.

Your first step into the Apollonian Empire will be in a marketplace, where players new to the sim can buy clothes, weapons and various other items that will help prepare you and immerse you in the experience, and it is quite an experience. The attention to detail is quite impressive. All of the architecture is crafted in the style of ancient Greek architecture, complete with grand arches, magnificent pillars and carved marble engravings on the various buildings, depicting great thinkers or gladiators.

I highly suggest a visit to Apollonian and Beauty for anyone interested in ancient Greece. Whether you are interested in seeing the architecture or participating in a unique sim experience, Apollonian and Beauty is definitely a part of Second Life worth checking out.

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