Sunday, March 25, 2012

This is a Dead End

Your footsteps echo on the cracked pavement as you walk slowly down the grime covered alley way. Scream's seems to come from off in the distance, carried by the wind, or was it just the wind? Trash swirls around your feet as you creep closer to the end of the alley. You have that feeling, that distinct feeling that you are being watched, but you're positive you are alone. Up ahead, there's something, something under a pile of garbage. You cautiously keep walking, hoping to pass by it with no trouble. The pile begins to rustle as you move ever closer to it. You start to walk a little faster, hoping to just get by it, get by it without finding out what's lurking beneath the discarded refuse. But it just seems the closer you get, the more the pile of trash animates. You're coming up on it now, your muscles begin to tense, the trash is just becomes more and more restless, you're sure something is going to jump out at you. A hand reaches from behind you, covering your mouth, a sharp object is wedged against your spine, "Give me all of your money."

Welcome to "Dead End" the urban/noir role playing game. "Dead End" brings you to the filth ridden streets of Dead End, a city filled to the brim with the worst types of human garbage imaginable. Second Lifer's can choose from a variety of roles, like a common "denizen," just trying to survive and make a life for himself in a city overflowing with corruption. Or maybe you're feeling like being a part of the problem instead of a part of the solution, then the role of "deviant" is perfect for you. Run around the streets causing mischief and mayhem, getting into heated battles with the police, and just being an all-around bad guy.

The look of the city is everything you would expect it to be, it's dark and grimy, practically post-apocalyptic. While exploring, it's hard to not imagine something or somebody waiting for you around every corner. "Dead End" features a plethora of delightfully sleazy areas for players to role play in. Are you sick of the city? Well head to the rural Dead End suburbs. There are plenty of houses in this quaint little neighborhood, that looks like it's been hit by a tornado. If neither the suburbs or the city are your cup of tea, then maybe the sewer system will be more your style. Slosh through the human excrement as you congregate with the rest of the scum that were too reviled to be accepted even in the city.

"Dead End" is a great role playing game for those who are sick of fantasy and science fiction, and want a dark and grittier role play experience. It explores a city haunted by corruption, will you be a part of the solution or a part of the problem?

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